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For carriers

For carriers

We will load your trucks of different type: from a little truck till special platform for oversized cargoes.

Directions: Western Europe – CIS

We suggest the cargoes including dangerous and valuable consignments, oversized cargoes to be hauled from different regions of Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Italy and Spain.

Directions: CIS - Western Europe.

We regular offer the cargoes to be transported from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia to Western Europe countries (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain).

Groupage Cargoes

We regular offer parts of cargoes for transportation as groupage cargoes by your vehicles from countries of Europe to Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan to customs warehouses or direct to consignee.

Paperwork control

After loading Your truck according to our order, we will provide control of accuracy all of papers for the cargo.

220024, Minsk, Babushkina str. 6A, room 208
Phone.: +375 17 291-89-12, 291-89-64, 291-89-65
+375 44 707 3000, +375 29 707 5404. E-mail

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