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For our customers

- We offer different trucks (tilts, refrigerators, special platforms for oversized cargoes) of different type and volume for transportation Your cargoes in international traffic.

- We organize delivery of small shipments, separate or in groupage shipments, from Europe to Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan till customs warehouse or till final receiver. If necessary, we can consolidate shipments in Germany or Poland.

- If the transport project requires participation of two and more trucks (for example delivery of the production line, plant) we will provide promptly arrival of trucks of necessary type to the load place, co-ordinate their movement and arrival at place of destination.

- We ensure safety delivery of valuable goods.

- We deliver oversized cargoes by standard tilts trailers or by special platforms for oversized goods.

- We control the preparation of documents on cargo and their drawing up in accordance with our customer’s requirements. Qualified specialists are always ready to help You and advise in issuing documents which are required for customs processing in the country of departure, of transit and destination of cargo.

- We can provide customs clearance of cargo which is directed to any receiver of Europe, drawing up all necessary documents and making the payments of customs fees.

- At any time we are ready to get in contact with you and take note of your terms and requirements regarding of doing our job.

- Our main requirement is to conclude a freight contract, it may be a contract for a single carriage.

220024, Minsk, Babushkina str. 6A, room 208
Phone.: +375 17 291-89-12, 291-89-64, 291-89-65
+375 44 707 3000, +375 29 707 5404. E-mail

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